Welcome to Ranch Land of Texas, brought to you by Travis Tuck. Ranch Land of Texas is home to some of the finest ranches in the state of Texas, as well as parts of New Mexico. We can help you find your own outdoor retreat at an affordable price. Whether you are looking for a place to retire to or just for somewhere to get away for the weekend we have the right ranch for you! Our ranches are ideal for outdoor recreation including hunting, camping, fishing, and entertaining guests. With our competitive fixed rate owner financing you can rest easy knowing that land ownership can be affordable for everyone. Give us a call today at 830.377.6275 and let us assist you in finding your own piece of Texas!

All property sold by ranchland-tx.com is by recorded plat approved by the commissioners court of the county in which they are located and access to the property is insured and recorded. ranchland-tx.com is a state leader in recreational, retirement and hunting land sales. We offer competitive fixed rate owner financing for up to thirty (30) years on all property offered for sale with as little as five percent (5%) down. Call today to learn more about our affordable owner financing.